How To Take Awesome Before And After Photos Of Hair Loss

by Mary Jane

Hair Loss

Taking before and after picture of your hair is important to see if the treatment you use had made significant progress. However, taking plenty of shoots might be tiring as it seem, yet, it is all worthy. However, some people just want to see their hair in the mirror every day. Yet, the less they know hair progress has only small changes. Therefore, it is better to take it with camera so that you can see physical results. Otherwise, you might fail to see some minute changes in it. With that, we provide you here some tips how to take awesome photos to clearly see hair loss progress.

Always choose plain background

Choosing plain background is essential in taking photos. Lucent and dark-colored background are unadvisable because this creates reflection effects and undesirable contrast that can possibly compromise the quality of your photos. Moreover, neutral-colored background is boring as it seem yet this is widely recommended to use taking photos. In addition, the main goal of using plain background is that it will avoid complicated patterns to be focus instead of your hair. Thus, this can help see any progress of your hair restoration.

Always choose right lighting

Most people who opt to capture photos with their hair loss does not consider proper lighting. In most cases, they use artificial light through camera flash in which this is not good to choose because this creates a glare that can make it hard to compare your photos to see progress. The most advisable one is to use natural light. Search a spot in your house that you think l well lighted but not directly receiving sunlight. Avoid things that are standing with respect to light since this cause shadow.

Always position yourself

Of course, when you want to photographed with your hair loss there is a need to set proper angle and make sure that you perfectly get the whole scalp in your photo. It is best to use selfie stick or have someone you can please to take a photo. You can also use zooming features for as long as it capture your entire head. Moreover, when taking photos, have at least four shoots to document perfectly the progress. Four shoots includes the top, side, back and front of your head.

  • At the front of your head - This part of your head that you want to take photo for your hair loss should cover circled area where your hairline is evident from your frontal head.
  • At the top of your head - Like taking photos of your frontal head, it should also cover circled are showing your hairline and scalp.
  • At the back of your head - This should also be taken covering the circled area of the back part of your head show clearly crown area of your scalp. However, if you also have hair loss below your crown area, please ensure that you clearly photographed this part too.

Always apply consistency

Always make it a habit of glancing you before and after photos of hair loss to remind yourself of what you are trying to replicate. Always use the same background, position as well as lighting to assess clearly progress of your hair loss restoration.


Whether you are taking pills or using a special shampoo or PRP restoration option, it is important to consider what has mentioned above to see some progress of your hair loss. Moreover, these will also let you know and your physician if there was really a significant restoration of your hair with the treatment you use.

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